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It's with great sadness that we finally will begin ending our run here at Movies n Stuff. Circling a date of the end of January, where we stop stocking new releases immediately after Christmas (January would be a liquidation month).

It's been a wonderful journey for me personally. My parents decided they'd start in 1981, so I was 6 years old - and all I could really think of was - what video games would we have!!? Since then, I've become a massive movie fan, perhaps more into the artsy, foreign stuff than the mainstream - and perhaps because of that, we were able to beat out Blockbuster and Jumbo for decades. I also have a penchant for loving British series. Detective series especially, so when the pressure came about to adapt or die, it was the amazing customers of this area that flocked to the store to rent all the British series I imported. I recall being very nervous at first, importing in all these series. This was my budget for the month, basically obliterated on the stories of George Gently and Foyle's War etc., but it paid off and made this store relevant going forward.

Unfortunately, that time has now passed - and if you know me, you know I have a heavy heart about it. The competition has morphed so much that now it's not head to head, it's an all encompassing internet, where unfortunately a lot of people will sit down at night, eat junk food and watch Netflix (then complain about how it sucks the next day, sometimes to me believe it or not), but that, as they say, are people's prerogatives. I probably won't end up watching much on Netflix - their shows are good, so stuff like Stranger Things etc. I'll see, but I'm really not interested in the sludge they have for their movies. But that's neither here nor there.

I want to take the time to say how much I appreciate the people in this community. People have respected our selection from day 1, realizing the work and passion that goes into it - and because of that, we did the impossible. We stayed a relevant rental store in a world that went digital. We staved off the attacks of Blockbuster for fifteen years - one in Elmvale and one on Bank Street, and even one slightly further up in South Keys. People said we were dead. The manager of the Bank Street Blockbuster came in and said they were going to put us out of business, but they were wrong.

People then said that Crave TV would put us out of business and they too were wrong. People have been telling me that downloading would put us out of business - and they too were wrong - or at least...they were wrong for a decade or more.

Then finally, people said that Netflix would end us. And we fought against it for a long, long time, but it appears this time they were right. We lost too many customers to the machine. But that's life, survival of the fittest and a video store was never in the long term plans, really. It's quite a miracle that we lasted this long to be honest.

Which brings me full circle. Thank you Alta Vista. I loved serving you and will hope to be back serving the region soon, depending on what I decide to do post Movies n Stuff. This is my home, this is my community, my daughter was born here, she will remain here. This is OUR area and I loved being a part of it. It was so crazy here for years, so busy, so much fun. I met my wife, Melanie Thompson, here, I met some of my best friends here, I met many people I look up to here (Adam Beach, David Wellington, Danielle Tosti (Oscar winner and godfather of my daughter!). There are a circuit of our best customers I hope to stay in touch with, presumably you know who you are...maybe you don't, but rest assured - to all who have supported us, it's been MY PLEASURE.